Hello! My name is Bill Zima and I am an artist. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my website.
The paintings are encaustic which I have been making since the '90's, beginning in Chicago. Encaustic paintings are made of multiple waxes and resins and color comes from oil pigments and paints, preferably  Old Holland. Each painting begins it's life on Kozuke paper, a durable yet delicate surface. Mark making evolves until a subtle shape appears, and is developed. Randomness plays a part and the paper is 'embalmed' within before a final wash of black oil paint saturates the surface. Gradually, the black is removed and each surface acquires a pre-lingual nature. There is something familiar, yet. My subject matter with the encaustics has always been nature and here you can find trees and leaves.

In Drawings a simple curved line is explored and the initial inspiration for this body of work was the discovery of an old Japanese sketchbook found online. M. C. Esher weighs in as do many others.

In Sculpture section are shapes reminiscent of Chicago or the midwestern plains of my childhood. Here I consider memory, identity, and language and my entry point is architecture. Minimalism is paramount in this space as is contrasts, tensions, dichotomies, and the space between.

Cheers from Edinburgh, Bill